The privacy and security of clandestine data have always been the top concern of companies across the globe. They use several gadgets, methods and approaches to make sure that everything stays secure, but one of the most vulnerable and often ignored is the hardcopy. For this, we have this concept of paper shredding or paper destruction Sydney. There are two different ways used for secure paper destruction Sydney and in this post, we’ll try and get a preview of both. The names of these methods are – mobile or on-site document destruction and off-site method.

Mobile or on-site destruction services


  • This service offered by the companies is straight forward and those opting for this service would be given some containers.
  • These containers are to be used by them for filling up with the documents that they want to be shredded.
  • Once these shredding bins Sydney are filled, a call has to be made to the company and after this call; a truck containing highly advanced machines would arrive.
  • Each shredding bin Sydney would be poured in the machine one by one for total paper destruction Sydney.
  • These machines will shred each document and the outcome would be finally chopped pieces of paper that are impossible to read.
  • If you are still concerned about the privacy, you can ask them to shred the shredded outcome one more time. This way, you can be assured that all your documents have finally become inaccessible.
  • You can burn them or send them for recycling, depending upon your choice.
  • With this process, you have the opportunity of overseeing the process.
  • According to the experts, this option is the most favourable as it provides very little possibility of compromised information.

Off-Site secure paper destruction Sydney

  • This service can be used by businesses in two different ways; the business either arranges for a pickup or brings the files directly to the facility.
  • In the pickup off-site option, businesses have to make an appointment for a truck.
  • In the next option, companies simply take their sensitive files directly to the facility.

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