Features to Look for In a Document Shredding Canberra Company

Several times it happens that a company looking to hire a document shredding Canberra Company don’t have any idea of how to select and what to look for. Therefore, what happens is that they end up hiring a non-professional, non-licensed company or paying much higher than the normal market prices. In this post, we have tried and presented some very important that people need to consider as they think about hiring a company for secure data destruction.


  • According to the experts, the first thing to see is whether the shortlisted company is following all the rules and regulations of the government.
  • This is something very important as only after that, a company would be able to assure its customers about the safest document destruction Sydney services.
  • The bottom line is that the company should assure that the destruction of your papers would occur according to the government laws.


  • According to the experts, the next thing to see in terms of selecting a company for document destructing Canberra is the security.


  • The companies shortlisted by you should follow all the laws related to security of your documents while they are in a shredding bin Sydney or in transit.
  • The procedures of how your documentation is stored, transported, destroyed, should be cleared by the National Police Records Check, as well as staff.
  • Other than this, the company should also issue a certificate of destruction for every service.

For total destruction of documents in the most secure manner, they should pick their destructing machines from those discussed below.

  • Cross-cut shredder – It has two rotating drums that produce rectangular, diamond shape or parallelogram shaped shreds.
  • Particle-cut shredding machine – It cuts documents into small squares or circles.
  • Hammermill shredders – They work by pounding paper through a screen.

Reasons to Avail Paper Shredding Sydney Services from Professionals

It happens on a daily basis across the globe that numerous companies become victim to data theft and after investigating, it is found that they were themselves responsible for the same. There are several reasons behind this and the two are –

When we talk about the ways to involve in this process, there are mainly two of them and the names are – onsite and off-site shredding. Both these services are offered by professionally run companies and this means that hiring one of them is a must.

Here are the top benefits that happen when a company performs document shredding

  • By picking up a licensed company for this, a business owner can stay assured about secure paper destruction Sydney.
  • They will be at complete peace of mind, knowing that their confidential documents and data have been destroyed by the professionals as per government standards.
  • Because of the guarantee that these companies give, business owners can stay confident about availing this service from third party companies as well.
  • This means that they will not have to bear the expenses of buying a shredding machine, arranging a location for it and arranging a dedicated employee for this.
  • Timely paper shredding Sydney done by these professionals means that your garbage will not reach landfill sites at any cost.
  • This is because after confirming that the documents have been shredded completely, these companies recycle the mulch present in the security bin Sydney.
  • In some cases, shredding personal information keeps a company compliant with state and national regulations about how to destroy or handle personal information.
  • From the environmental stand point, shredding protects trees from being used for new paper products.

How to Protect the Sensitive Data from Getting Breached?

The last option that every company has is hiring a document and product destruction Canberra company to make sure that the sensitive data is secure. However, experts say that before that we have lots and lots of techniques that we can implement as data protection solutions. Some of these techniques are discussed in this post.


Implement a Clear-out Shredding Policy

  • According to the suppliers of security document bin Sydney this kind of policy ensures that all papers and products that are of no use are shredded before being recycled or disposed.
  • For this, again you will have to avail the services of a document and products destruction Canberra company that has the reputation of working in compliance with the laws and standards.
  • Experts say that with the help of these policies, you can remove all kinds of uncertainties of whether documents are confidential and require shedding.
  • According to the experts, this is one of the easiest ways that you can use to eradicate the chances of human errors that include mishandling of confidential documents and files.
  • Other than this, this also leaves no decision to take regarding the type of information that should not be deposited in recycling bins and waste paper baskets.

Encrypt all electronic devices

  • According to the sellers and suppliers of security bin Sydney, mobile devices are everywhere and they are used by employees to carry the data wherever they like.
  • They can use this data by accessing it anywhere and in fact, remotely too.
  • In this case, what you can do is encrypt these devices as according to the experts, this is the most robust step in securing the data and preventing it from getting leaked.
  • You can even try out “End to End Encryption” that is especially favourable in terms of transferring the data and when it is carried out of the office.

Several other steps that you need to take are –

  • Maintain Clean-desk policy
  • Protect Printers & Peripheral Devices
  • Designate a Security Manager

Explore the Secure Documents Shredding Techniques

Choosing a right shredded bin for the business documents should be essential in any organization. This will help to destroy the documents or files, which is not necessary now. The shredded bin service Australia will give you a right solution with effective result. As a business owner, you need to hire Document Shredding Bin Sydney and the company will help you to destroy the documents. You can keep your confidential documents secret by relying on the shredding bin.

Protecting Information: with Mobile Document Shredding


Mobile Document Shredding Canberra will give quality shredding service to the industry and the efficient team will come to the place with vehicle. They will load your documents safely and make sure to destroy it immediately with advanced technology. The staffs are well equipped and give you the best service. The secure destruction service is cost effective and the professional will provide effective service to the industry.

Paper Destruction Sydney service is another option, in which the team will load all the paper documents and destroy it efficiently. Australian Destruction Company is capable and certified to destroy all types of documents. Their service is safe and secure.  They will keep all documents in the safety container and destroy it accordingly.

You can contact the destruction service provider any time and they are keen to help you with their high quality documents shredded service. You can even join the site to know more about the professional company and their works and estimated insight of the service.

Two Methods Used For 100% Secure Paper Destruction Sydney

The privacy and security of clandestine data have always been the top concern of companies across the globe. They use several gadgets, methods and approaches to make sure that everything stays secure, but one of the most vulnerable and often ignored is the hardcopy. For this, we have this concept of paper shredding or paper destruction Sydney. There are two different ways used for secure paper destruction Sydney and in this post, we’ll try and get a preview of both. The names of these methods are – mobile or on-site document destruction and off-site method.

Mobile or on-site destruction services


  • This service offered by the companies is straight forward and those opting for this service would be given some containers.
  • These containers are to be used by them for filling up with the documents that they want to be shredded.
  • Once these shredding bins Sydney are filled, a call has to be made to the company and after this call; a truck containing highly advanced machines would arrive.
  • Each shredding bin Sydney would be poured in the machine one by one for total paper destruction Sydney.
  • These machines will shred each document and the outcome would be finally chopped pieces of paper that are impossible to read.
  • If you are still concerned about the privacy, you can ask them to shred the shredded outcome one more time. This way, you can be assured that all your documents have finally become inaccessible.
  • You can burn them or send them for recycling, depending upon your choice.
  • With this process, you have the opportunity of overseeing the process.
  • According to the experts, this option is the most favourable as it provides very little possibility of compromised information.

Off-Site secure paper destruction Sydney

  • This service can be used by businesses in two different ways; the business either arranges for a pickup or brings the files directly to the facility.
  • In the pickup off-site option, businesses have to make an appointment for a truck.
  • In the next option, companies simply take their sensitive files directly to the facility.

Find the Best Document Destruction Sydney Company with These Tips

13412-detail-1Destroying confidential documents and materials has become an integral part of the corporate culture across the globe and for this, companies across the globe looks for professionally operating firms. This is something very serious and has to be done with full thoughtfulness. The reason is that wrongly selected document destruction Sydney company can play mayhem in your pursuit of destructing confidential data. You can use the following tips as far as finding a dependable company is concerned.

Get as many referrals as possible

  • Getting referrals means straightaway, without research, you have a handful of companies that are already tested for excellence.
  • These referrals can be taken from anyone you know like family, friends, co-workers, relatives, etc.
  • Experts say that despite the fact that they have come through referrals, you should not skimp away from playing your part of investigating a bit about their past.
  • This will surely help you get hold of the best document destruction Sydney

Certified member

  • The shortlisted companies catering services and products like document shredding bin Sydney should be certified and licenced to be in this industry.
  • This way, you will get a better assurance that the company will give you a higher level of security and standards in the service.
  • The firms that are working under some government controlled body are the best and should be preferred for these confidential things.

Detect the level of security

  • Before taking any final decision, it’s your right to make sure that the companies are using scrutinizing processes to select their employees.
  • The reason is that these employees would be eventually handling the documents and therefore, it is important that you stay assured about the legitimacy of the companies and their employees.

Some other tips to find the best document shredding company are –

  • Usage of modern equipment of the company
  • It should offer on-site shredding
  • Check the services offered by the company like off-site, on-site, product destruction and emergency response services
  • They should offer product destruction as a premium service
  • There should be facilities for complete destruction of hard goods such as CD’s, hard drives, credit cards, audio tapes and much more